Vehicle diagnostics in Carlisle

We are able to undertake both traditional and computer based diagnostics on a wide variety of makes and models enabling swifter repair.

All cars in the UK From 2000 onwards should conform to the OBD-2 diagnostic standards. This is not limited to just the Engine management but can also extend to the braking, heating and many other systems found on modern cars. Our equipment allows us to track down and repair faults in these systems, reset service indicators, clear engine management Malfunction Indicator Lamps (MIL).

Cars prior to 2000 may conform to OBD-2. Whilst it is unlikely on cars prior to 1996 we can usually interrogate the manufacturer specific diagnostic systems (Please contact us to find out) we should still be able to effect a repair regardless.

For Vauxhall and Saab we also have a GM specific Tech2 diagnostic system allowing us to access more advanced functions within the computer systems such as the reprogramming of Immobiliser keys.

MIL and Service Indicator Lamps and Oil Change lamps have become much more common on cars in the last 15 years and should not be ignored: failure to properly service your car could lead to much higher repair bills.

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