Air Conditioning or AirCon has become standard on most of today's production cars with around 70% of cars benefiting from it. The qualified technicians in our Carlisle city centre garage can inspect your aircon system and check the refrigerant pressure which is advisable on a regular basis as all systems leak a small amount of gas over time. The lubricant for the system also needs topping up, these items can be done as part of our normal vehicle service routines or as a separate A/C Service.

We provide servicing, diagnostics, re-gassing and repair of AirCon systems. In some cases we can convert old systems running R12 to modern R134a CFC free refrigerant restoring cooling on older cars. Where needed we will also replace the pollen filters which can severely affect the performance of your aircon system when they become badly blocked after only 12-24 months of use.

We can also de-odorise your system using special anti-bacterial agents to clear out the ventilation ducts (Please ask about this service). If your system seems to be not cooling as well as it did then pop in for a refrigerant check-up today.

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Aircon servicing and repairs in Carlisle

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